Analysis and Prototype of Planning Information Model

Deadline: June 2024


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The objective of the project is to conduct a systematic and effective detailed analysis among industry stakeholders related to the spatial planning process, which allows for the assessment of market readiness and necessary changes at the national and local government levels for the adoption of information model-based planning in spatial planning processes, especially in the context of detailed zoning planning. The types of plans that are addressed in the work are detailed plans and comprehensive plans.

The second objective is the analysis of the usability of international open data formats in the context of the planning information model. Based on the results of the detailed analysis, a prototype solution for 3D visualization and automatic checking of the planning information model must be developed, which would be usable in the detailed planning procedure process (automatic checks of the detailed plan being processed against the requirements set by the enforced comprehensive plan) and in the BIM-based building permit procedure (automatic checks of the BIM-based construction project against the requirements reflected in the detailed planning information model).

Definition of the term planning information model in the context of this tender: “A planning information model is a spatially (3D) visualizable collection of planning data, where data are linked to corresponding elements (For example, building area data is attached to the building area element, and landscaping data is attached to landscaping elements [trees, shrubs, surface layers]). The planning information model is in an open data format and can be visualized in the digital twins of cities and the state. Based on the planning information model, it is possible to check the compliance with planning requirements during the process.”

Previously completed 3D pilot project of the City of Tallinn for the detailed planning of the properties at Gonsiori street 21 and F. R. Kreutzwaldi street 14.


Reference to the tender in the public procurement register (265544)


The work is performed by Future Insight.

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