Long Term View on Construction 2035

Tähtaeg: 2035

Majandus- ja Kommunikatsiooniministeerium

Long-Term View on Construction 2035 (current version 2.0 in Estonian) is focusing on the identification of main causes to ensure the best development of the construction sector, shaping a high-quality built environment and wording the objectives for the development of this field of activity.

This forms the basis for public agreement, cooperation and change in the legal environment between the public and private sectors (including relevant stakeholders). The document can serve as an input in designing a strategic development document on the living environment.

Long-Term View on Construction 2035 involves seven major steps. The starting point is how to create a better living environment while ensuring a more efficient construction industry. In order to achieve a more extensive effect on society, the first step is to determine the role of the public sector as the pioneer, which, on the one hand, provides a basis for structural changes, while on the other hand ensures the cooperation of different parties.

The task of the state as the policy-maker and a major contracting entity is to create a suitable environment for the implementation of changes in the sector, which can be achieved only through long-term and purposeful action. In fact, the strategic development of the construction sector causes a significant effect on the whole society, as construction, which is a horizontal economic sector, serves as a basis for the development of all other sectors.

The preparation of the document “A Long-Term View on Construction 2035” was organized and the corresponding study was commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications within the framework of the program “Strengthening of Sectoral Research and Development” (abbreviated RITA, code 2014-2020.4.02.16-0025). The project was funded to the extent of 60% by RITA Activity 2 from the European Regional Development Fund and by 40% from the budget of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

The Government of the Republic of Estonia approved the document at the Cabinet meeting on April 27, 2021, and the “Agreement for Taking Seven Big Steps in the Construction Sector” was signed by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure and representatives of local governments, professional associations and universities in Tallinn on June 9, 2021

Seven large steps of the construction sector

Seven big steps of the construction sector

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