BIM-based Building Permit Process

Deadline: November 2021


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The aim of the project is to develop the software solution for BIM-based building permit processes in the Estonian Building Registry (EHR). The solution will enable the analysis of BIM models in IFC format based on today’s best BIM practices and be able carry out automated building code checks. 

Technical inspection of the building design documentation (compliance with zoning plans, laws / regulations) is one of the most time-consuming and error-prone activities during the processing of building permits. There are many technical requirements and a lot of reviewers, including local authorities, Rescue Board, Health Board, Heritage Protection Board, etc. Currently EHR supports uploading of digital project documentation in simple 2D formats (eg. PDF) which are much less structured and data-rich compared to BIM-models. If any part of the project needs to be updated, the reviewers will have to go through the full documentation again. The resource-wasting effect of the problem is considerable, as more than 12 thousand building permits and more than 8,600 usage permits are processed in Estonia each year. Not a single projects has allegedly passed the procedure without any revisions.

At the same time, the use of BIM has become an integral part of the design process, especially in large public buildings and real estate developments. BIM helps companies in the AEC industry to significantly save time and improve the quality of projects by reducing the number of errors related with information exchange. BIM is already widely used in the design and construction of buildings in Estonia.

The result of this software development project will simplify the permitting process by making it possible to submit BIM projects for building permits directly, without first converting them to “digital paper” (PDF). The BIM-based permit procedure makes it possible to shorten the building permit processing time by automating the technical inspection of construction designs. A more efficient building permit process will also increase the productivity of the AEC industry which is one of the key objectives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

Preparation for this project was already started in 2019 with the analysis and prototype of the BIM-based building permit procedure.

The work is performed by Future Insight and Reach-U AS. The project is funded by the European Union European Structural and Investment Funds.


Ministry of Economic Affairs & Communications
BIM Project Manager
Christopher Raitviir
+372 5858 6446

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